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Oasis Equities is a real estate investment firm that teams up with investors to buy and build real property across the United States to maximize returns.

Our Principal, Dr. Johannes Urpelainen, has extensive experience with single family rentals, multifamily syndications, new construction, and short term rentals.

Today Oasis owns and manages properties in both city and vacation destinations in Virginia, West Virginia, and New York.

We have previously transacted in Georgia and Texas.

The team is constantly on the lookout for additional opportunities to buy and build hugely profitable real property for our investor club.

Oasis investors benefit from the many advantages of real estate investing such as cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits and more.

Dr. Johannes Urpelainen

Dr. Johannes Urpelainen is the Principal at Oasis Equities and a Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment at Johns Hopkins University.

Johannes is an experienced real estate and technology investor with a nationwide portfolio of multifamily, self-storage, industrial, mobile home, and hospitality assets.

He specializes in market analysis, underwriting, capital raising, and investor relations.

An avid passive investor himself, Johannes works to make sure that Oasis investors benefit from superior returns, low risk, and consistent cashflow.

Why Real Estate?

Build Wealth

Real estate allows you to grow your wealth through equity build up, while also achieving consistent cash flow.

Passive Income

Once the asset is stabilized, it becomes a passive income stream, producing reliable cash flow every quarter.


Unlike the stock market, where an investment’s value can be determined by many outside factors, real estate is a physical asset. It is a more secure and predictable way to build wealth.

Tried & True

The real estate industry has created more millionaires than any other industry in the history of humanity.

Tax Benefits

Real estate has many incredible tax benefits, such as depreciation and the 1031 exchange, that allow investors to compound their wealth while deferring taxes – possibly forever.

The Oasis Advantage

At Oasis Equities, we live and breathe by our 3 core values:



We believe in being 100% transparent and honest about every step of the investment process. Our partners and investors can reach out to our team at any time with any questions, and we are happy to answer to the best of our ability. We also offer constant email updates about our projects and webinars to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly in our industry.



Protecting our investors’ capital is our number one objective. We take many measures to present our investors with the safest opportunities on the market. We underwrite each deal with extremely conservative projections. Many buffers and worst case scenarios are built into our models. We ensure that even if things don’t quite go as planned, we can still make great profits for our investors. For diversification, we target various deal types in different markets that attract a variety of guest profiles. We understand that our investors are trusting us with their hard earned money.



We believe in building long term relationships not only with our investors, but also all our partners, including brokers, lenders, property managers, and so on. This approach ensures that we always treat everyone fairly and stay level headed in making critical decisions. We build a long term relationship with our partners, and turn them into raving fans who work with us over and over again. We understand that building lasting relationships is the best way to achieve our long term goals.