Oasis welcomes all investors interested in passive income through cash flowing real estate.

Accredited investors have access to all Oasis offerings.

Other investors must have a pre-existing relationship with Dr. Urpelainen. To establish the relationship, schedule a call at any time.

Oasis Equities focuses on cash flowing real estate.

We underwrite hundreds of properties to identify those that generate strong cash flow in markets with population and job growth.

We currently see powerful opportunities in hospitality, short term rentals, and select multifamily markets.

The returns depend on the acquisition. Each deal is different.

In general, Oasis Equities aims to double your money in five years. The corresponding annualized return is 15%.

Unless the deal has a very short hold period (e.g., new development), we aim for at least 8-10% cash flow.

Syndication is a partnership between passive investors and general partners. As a passive investor, you will have no liabilities. We at Oasis do all the work.

Dr. Urpelainen is an experienced passive investor. He has invested over a million dollars in various syndications and funds. His portfolio has grown rapidly and his equity is now worth over two million dollars.

Dr. Urpelainen personally invests in every deal that Oasis syndicators, alongside Oasis passive investors.

Any investment carries risk. In real estate, the main risk is the project’s inability to generate enough income to pay the mortgage.

At Oasis, we underwrite conservatively and emphasize cash flow. Our approach minimizes the risk of a default because we generate strong margins.

Even in lean times, Oasis properties perform because of the strong cash flow.

Investing in real estate has powerful tax benefits. At Oasis, we take advantage of depreciation.

The IRS allows real estate investors to defer paying taxes, allowing your wealth to grow faster.

In a typical syndication, the minimum investment is $50,000.

However, the minimum can vary. Always review the specific offering and confirm the minimum with Dr. Urpelainen.

We often have flexibility and allow first-time investors to come in with a lower minimum – it never hurts to ask!

Accredited investors can invest money in private placements that are not registered with the SEC.

There are many ways to qualify. Here are the most common ones, and you only need to meet one:

  • A person must have an annual income of $200,000 (or $300,000 jointly with spouse) for the last two years and expect to earn the same in the future
  • A net worth in excess of $1 million, not including primary residence

We are experienced passive investors and have an excellent network of operating partners.

By investing with Oasis Equities, you benefit from deep passive investing experience (market analysis, underwriting, due diligence) and your investments will be managed by the best sponsors in America.

Dr. Urpelainen personally invests at least $50,000 in every syndication with you.