My Story

Hi there, and welcome to Oasis Equities!

If I had to guess, you are here because you are looking to generate passive income, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

Let’s be honest. We all share this goal. But getting there is not easy.

The stock market is a rollercoaster. Single family rentals are a headache. Don’t get me started on crypto.

I am here to tell you there is a better way to maximize your returns and minimize your risk while remaining a truly passive investor.

I was just like you. I worked very long hours.

So much so, folks called me the hardest working man in political science in grad school.

It took me a decade to realize that trading time for money is not the way.

After many misadventures, I invested my first $50,000 in a real estate syndication. It was scary at first, but three years later my financial future and outlook on life have transformed.

Time is our most valuable resource. We can never get back the hours we spend working for others or sweat the small stuff.

Now I spend my time with a different mindset.

I am still a professor because I enjoy research and teaching. I travel around the world.

I spend time with my family and friends.

I started Oasis Equities because everyone deserves a shot at financial freedom.

I invite you to study the free educational materials on this site and schedule a call with me to discuss your investment goals.

If you are interested in reading the full story – how I tripled my net worth with commercial real estate – you can download my free eBook.

The eBook includes a roadmap to financial freedom. Feel free to use it.

Dr. Johannes Urpelainen
Principal, Oasis Equities