Oasis Equities invests in cash flowing real estate. We buy properties with exceptional cash flow in strong markets with population growth, job growth, and diverse demand generators. Below you can browse our current portfolio of multifamily, short term rentals, and single family homes.

Multifamily Properties

Antasafae at Riverdale

Lead sponsor: Significan LLC

92 units in Riverdale, GA (Atlanta metropolitan area)

Closed: April 2022

Purchase price: $9.85M

Laura Lane

Lead sponsor: Family Communitiess

44 build-to-rent units in Waller, TX

Broke ground: June 2022

Development cost: $6.0M

Short Term Rentals

Single family short term rental

Morgantown,  West Virginia

Purchased: May 2022

Purchase Price: $175,000

Two family short term rental

Morgantown, West Virginia

Purchased: July 2022

Purchase Price: $155,000

Passive Investing Portfolio as a Limited Partner

I am an avid passive investor. I have invested over a million dollars in real estate syndications as a passive investor, and those investments are now worth over two million dollars.

My passive investments cover many asset classes:

As a passive investor, I am not actively involved in managing these assets.

But I have conducted extensive due diligence, market analysis, and underwriting for each of them.

These experiences give me unique perspectives into the challenges that passive investors face.